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Pet sitting


Our pet sitting service offers longer visits. This may be for cats or dogs with litters, a very old pet needing companionship or puppies that need socialisation. Rest assured we can provide the stimulation, TLC or medication you pet requires.

Our minimum sitting time is for a 3 hour stay. If you need less than this see our  pet visiting service. The pet sitting service allows the pet sitter more time to give the pets that little bit extra attention they need. The duration of our sittings can be from 3 hours to a full day, depending on your requirements. Creature comforts can tailor make this service to suit.

The older pet

dog wearing glasses petsitting shropshire

The older dog may need help in getting up and more care as they age. Creature Comforts can spend more time, giving them that extra one to one TLC and see to any medication requirements. If you have that older cat or dog and you can’t bear to leave it in the morning. We can give you peace of mind that they will be cared for, when you can’t be with them.


Puppies, kittens and family litters

The younger kitten or puppy needs lots of contact and stimulation. They can require feeding up to 4 times a day. Creature Comforts can provide them with fun and play, together with that mid day feed. Play can deter destructive tendencies, which can be a problem for puppies, if left too long.

 We can give your puppy socialisation time which can help with fears, such as traffic noises, when they begin walking on the lead. We can even take them to the vets for their vaccinations with our Chaperone service.


3 kittens petsitting shropshire










Cats with kittens and dogs with puppies need regular attention. Making sure that mum is happy and looking after her young appropriately is time consuming but rewarding.

We can give you the break you may need from the relentless cleaning of litter trays or bedding and caring for the family brood, whether it be 3 or 10 in the litter, we can help.

couple with puppy shropshire petsitting  

If you really want to get a puppy or kitten and feel you can’t as you work full time……don’t give up on the idea…..we can help you. We can take it for its jabs, provide socialisation and care when you’re not there and all you have to do is enjoy the rewards of owning your new puppy or kitten.


As with pet visiting our service includes the following free of charge:

Security check - keeping the lived in appearance
Collecting up post, newspapers, putting the bins out on bin day 
Watering house plants (for a small amount of plants)
non regular clients 1 text per week.


For overnight Pet sitting please contact us.



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