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Pet visiting


While you’re away or at work and unable to attend to your pets we can provide visits to your home. In just 30 minutes we can attend up to 2 dogs, 3 cats or a cage of smaller pets. When using our visiting service, you can relax in the knowledge that your pet is being fed and receiving lots of TLC.

We can provide a home visiting service where your furry friend can enjoy, not only visits but cuddles and attention, we can groom, feed and pamper your pet.


Cats and Kittens    


It’s always a worry when you go away as to how you should best accommodate your feline family members. Some cats are fine in catteries but others can be very territorial and catteries may make them very anxious. We offer two options our luxury home boarding or pet visiting. In some cases clients prefer their cats to stay at home, which may be a less stressful option. They can stay in their own surroundings and have the same freedom they would normally have, which can be beneficial for cats who are timid or old where it is very important to keep them in their usual routine. 

We are happy to devise a programme for your pet while you are away, that may consist of routine visits all week and a weekend of grooming, pampering and longer stays. Alternatively, you may just want kitty feeding while you go out for the day. Our minimum visit time last for 30 minutes but can be increased depending on what is required. If you like this option, go to our contact us page to see how we can help.


Dogs and Puppies  

young golden retriever pet sitting shropshire

Dogs like company and to go out frequently throughout the day for their toilet breaks so if you are out at work all day and your dog just needs a pop in visit, for fun in the garden, feeding or merely a toilet break, we can help with our daily dog visits. These are a minimum duration of 30 minutes but can be longer and can be as frequent as you like.

For times when you will be away overnight, we don’t advise that you use this service, unless your dog is used to being on its own overnight where we would advise at least 3 visits per day. Alternatively for overnights or times when you will be out for a long day you could use our boarding service. For more information or to request this service contact us.


Other pets

  hamster petsitting shropshire


This service is available to various other pets, from hamsters to goats. As above the minimum visit duration is 30 minutes, so if you feel your pet would benefit from daily visits contact us.





Diabetic care;

If your pet needs diabetic or medication administration, this can also be provided. Any pet requiring medication is given priority in visiting times.


Extras Included

Together with the service we provide for your pet, we also include the following free of charge:

Security check - keeping the lived in appearance (drawing curtains turning lights on/off)
Collecting up post, newspapers,                                 
Overnights recieve 1 text per
weekend/weeks visiting.                                            Watering house plants (for a small amount of plants)


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